At the start of the business, the founder of the company set up the EEG's team to present the project Clean Carbon and Clean Charcoal joined the Startup Thailand Hackathon 2018 and the EEG's team was one of the 7 teams in the final round of the number of teams that have applied for more than 400 teams.

EEG Clean Energy Co., Ltd. was selected to participate in OSMEP's Born Global project (The Office of SMEs Promotion) and the company won the first award of the project.

Mr. Prasobchok Pothikul, is the CEO of EEG Clean Energy Company Limited, received the SME Startup Award  2019 from OSSMEP (The Office of SMEs Promotion).

Mr. Prasobchok Pothikul, the CEO of EEG Clean Energy Co., Ltd., was invited to appear on the Four Space by GSB (Government Savings Bank) program, talking about the start of this business, the problems encountered and, inspiring those who start businesses. Which can be visited at 

The company has been selected as an entrepreneur in the incubator of Prince of Songkhla University.

EEG Clean Energy Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the 100 teams to join the GSB SMEs Startup project of GSB (Government Savings Bank) to receive training workshops on the project.

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