Starting Point

In 2014, a university student foresees the global potential of sustainable biomass for energy. Then he aims to develop the highest quality charcoal which complies indeed with international standards.

Later in 2017, with a profound experience, he formed a team to develop the briquette charcoal by improving the formula which suited for heating & cooking.  At present,  EEG Clean Energy the company promotes the awareness of using alternative energy which is lower CO2 emissions and safer for the environment.

Dare to challenge

We presented a business plan because of our confidence in the idea. Which made us to be in the Final Pitching round of the Startup Thailand Hackathon 2018, in the category of Bio Economy. As well as the finalists of the 100 teams in GSB 100 to Million and Born Global Rising Star Award from OSMEP .

 Awards Received :

  1. Born Global Rising Star Award, Born Global 2019, The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) and the Northeast Business and Economic Research Center, Khon Kaen University
  2. Top 7 Startup Thailand Hackathon 2018, Startup Thailand
  3. Top 100 Team Final Round, 100 to Million SME Startup 2018, Government Saving Bank (GSB Bank)



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